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Salon Pricing Update - Effective 09/15/2021

While it has been a long time since there has been a noticeable change in pricing, we have decided to make slight increases to a number of services. There will also no longer be a discount for highlight/color or perm/cut combinations, as these services are a la carte. We made this decision based on the following:

-Throughout the last year and a half, prices of cosmetology supplies and products have seen a steady increase. 

-We wish to ensure our stylists and team members are receiving compensation in line with the industry standard, as well as the level of quality we strive to provide at Roots.   

If you wish to view the new pricing, please visit our services menu here, and also note these new prices will not go into effect until September 15,  2021. If you have additional questions regarding service pricing, please consult your stylist.

Thank you for your understanding, and as always, we will continue to ensure our clients the greatest value and experience during every aspect of their visit here at Roots.

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